Vincent Lords - Reality Remix

  • Vincent Lords Entranced ComicCon!!
  • Reality is simply a Reflection of what is inside your heart; a projection of your actions from within. Take a look around and if you do not like what you see, change what you are projecting outwards. If you love what you see that is the key to creating a perfect reality! - ^V^incent Lords
  • The question now becomes, Are you a Guest in my reality or am I a Guest in yours? Either way here we are, all winners! Thanks for your friendships! ^V^
  • Vincent Lords hypnotizes the Radio!

Reality Remix

The comedy hypnotic force of Vincent Lords entrances ordinary people to do extraordinary things while under hypnosis in a magical, mystical journey into the Subconscious playground of the mind.

This Audience participation super-show will have you mesmerized as you "see the show or be the show"! Vincent Lords is NOT your average comedy hypnotist and is compared to as the Criss Angel of Hypnosis with his eccentric showmanship. Lords is giving the age old art of stage hypnosis a much needed makeover, Trance-forming it into a mind-blowing audience experience like nothing you have ever witnessed or participated in before.

Prepare to open your minds and leave your reality at the door!